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“Sea Birth: Part One” in Nagano

Tenku: Museum in the Sky Tomi City, Nagano 30 September – 29 October 2017 10:00-17:00 Ikoi no Ie (closed on Mondays except holidays)   James Jack. Sea Birth: part one. 2017, Installation view. Photo by Haruka Iharada James Jack. Sea Birth: part one. 2017, Installation view. James Jack. Sea Birth: part one. 2017. Installation view of digital video. […]

Place: A Point of View

  PLACE: A POINT OF VIEW   DATE September 8 – October 22, 2017   ARTISTS Karni Dorell, Hannah Israel, Toine Horvers, James Jack, Katherine Jackson, Meridith McNeal, Alicia Wargo, Gosia Wlodarczak     ABOUT THE EXHIBITION The third installment in the “Focus on the Flatfiles” series, featuring rotating selections from the Kentler Flatfiles on […]

“Sea Birth: Part Two” in Okinawa 10 November – 3 December 2017

Ichihanari Art Project 2017 Uruma City, Okinawa 10 November – 3 December 2017   James Jack Sea Birth: Part Two 2017 Installation   James Jack. Sea Birth: part two (Spirits from a Shipwreck near Minami Ukibaru Island). 2017, Digital video still James Jack. Spirits of Nakagusuku. 2017. Handmade walnut ink on paper. 76 x 56 cm   イチハナリアートプロジェクト+3 […]

“Socially Engaged Art” in Asia Pacific 26 November 2017

Socially Engaged Art in Asia Pacific Fukuoka Asia Art Museum Ajibi Hall 8F 26 November 2017 14:00-17:00 Participants: James Jack (Artist) Healoha Johnston (Curator, Honolulu Museum of Art) Leanora Val (Researcher, Leiden) Tomomichi Nakao (Curator, Fukuoka Asia Art Museum)   Sunshower: Art from Southeast Asia   For more information: http://faam.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/event/detail/590 (Japanese only)   アジア太平洋におけるソーシャリー・エンゲイジド・アート 11月26日(日)14:00~17:00 あじびホール […]

Molokai Arts Center Artist in Residence

James Jack Molokai Window Honolulu Museum of Art 2018 This work begins with the land beneath us—the soil which sustains life from birth to death. Today this land is in crisis. From a human-centric view of the earth, it appears that we are in control of land—it is bought, sold and utilized as capital—real estate […]

“Listening to the Earth” Artist Workshop

Creating, Sharing and Tasting Art Art x Farming Summer Camp   Artists Mali Wu, “What is Taste?” James Jack, “Let’s Listen to the Earth’s Voice” Toru Koyamada, “Exchange by the Campfire”   Dates August 31- September 2   Summer Workshops in inner Yame, Fukuoka   Planning by Social Art Lab More info HERE   「奥八女芸農学校」 […]

“Stories from Layers of Earth” Artist workshop

“Stories from Earth” Artist workshop   Date 19 August 2017 Artist James Jack Organizer Hiroko Shimizu   Mishima Groundwork Mishima, Shizuoka, Japan https://www.guidoor.jp/city/mishima/ 「マイストーリー地層」 2017年8月19日(土) 富士山や「水の都・三島」の水辺自然の豊かさを知り、作品をつくるアート・ワークショップ アーティスト ジェームス・ジャック オーガナイザー 清水 裕子 NPO法人 グラウンドワーク三島 会場 三島市民活動センター 静岡県三島市芝本町 6-2 https://www.guidoor.jp/city/mishima/

“Dirt Tasting” WDA workshop in Yame

Dirt Tasting Artist Workshop 29 May 2017 World Dirt Association This workshop will consist of a “tasting” of dirt sample. Together with the members of World Dirt Association, memories and stories related to dirt collection sites will be shared together. Come for a new experience of the earth. World Dirt Association James Jack Yoshitaka Nanjo […]