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“Dirt Tasting” WDA workshop in Yame

Dirt Tasting Artist Workshop 29 May 2017 World Dirt Association This workshop will consist of a “tasting” of dirt sample. Together with the members of World Dirt Association, memories and stories related to dirt collection sites will be shared together. Come for a new experience of the earth. World Dirt Association James Jack Yoshitaka Nanjo […]

“Socially Engaged Art in Asia” Talk

Lecture: Socially Engaged Art in Asia The term “socially-engaged art” has been used in the West since the early 2000s, but there has been little examination of the extensive number of cases in which it has been employed in Asia Pacific. There have been dynamic relationships between art and social activism for decades in Japan; […]

“WDA: Dirt Restaurant” at Ichihara Art x Mix

Dirt Restaurant  WORLD DIRT ASSOCIATION James Jack Shotaro Yoshino Yoshitaka Nanjo World Dirt Association collected dirt samples along with stories from ten sites. For Ichihara, a “tasting room” as well as a “kitchen” provides two unique experiences. The shape, color, fragrance and taste (based on smell) is linked with stories in the kitchen to create […]

“The Making of an Institution” exhibit CCA Singapore

James Jack. Khayalan Island from Pulau Balakan Mati (As seen by a seven-year old island resident). Digital Inkjet print, 2015 Khayalan Island is rumored to have disappeared from the Singapore harbor in the beginning of the nineteenth century when the British were establishing a post in Southeast Asia. This work has been made while searching for the island […]

“From Stone to Sand” exhibit in Fukuoka

From Stone to Sand   Artistic Director: James Jack Special Cooperation: Kozo Ota (Love FM)   February 4-12th, 2017 Enjoy Art Space Daimyo This participatory exhibit fills the gallery with stones that change each day of the exhibit according to different patterns of “flow”. These patterns are derived from two different places: Yame and Fukuoka. […]

“Gen Gen Ten” Exhibit in Iwaki, Fukushima

  Exhibition Gen Gen Ten October 22 – November 13 New works on paper featuring 88 samples of dirt on paper gathered over the past year by James Jack included in this unique exhibition. Iwaki Alios Center 1F & Moritakaya Art Center 1F Iwaki City, Fukushima, Japan   展覧会 「玄玄天」 いわきまちなかアートフェスティバル 10月22日ー11月13日 Iwaki Window (試作) […]

“Eight Layers of Dirt” Installation

Eight Layers of Dirt James Jack 4 channel stereo sound installation Variable dimensions 2016 Dirt is a part of us. Just as our body is composed of cells, organs and systems—so too is the earth. This fragile earth supports our life, yet we often separate ourselves from it. Art provides one method for healing our […]

“Small Islands with Big Visions,” roundtable at Sunset House

Place Sunset House, Konoura, Shodo Island, Artwork No. 086 Date Monday, October 10th, 13:30-15:30 pm Participants Michelle Lim (Curator and Art Historian, Singapore/U.S.) Yoshitaka Mouri (Cultural Studies Scholar, Japan) James Jack (Artist, Japan) This special event will reflect on art as it engages with society on two small islands: Singapore and Shōdo. What can art […]

“Stories of Khayaland Island” exhibit

Solo exhibition of walnut ink works on paper by James Jack Passages Bookshop, Portland, Oregon. August 5- September 17, 2016.   Pulau Khayalan is an island rumored to have disappeared from the Singapore Harbor at the beginning of the 19th century. Stories of Khayalan is a collective attempt to rediscover the island, based on the stories […]