“Molokai Window” Honolulu Museum of Art April 26- Sept 16


Exhibition by James Jack

Honolulu Museum of Art

April 26-September 16

This installation focuses on land not as a commodity to be bought and sold, but on the visceral relationship between Molokai’s people and land. This three-year process has revealed that while the people of Molokai may have different priorities, they all see the island’s potential tied to love for the land.

—Healoha Johnston

James Jack Molokai Window: Mokio Point 2017 Natural pigments on paper 76 x 56 cm


James Jack Mauka & Makai 2017 Handmade walnut ink on paper (sketchbooks)

James Jack Cycles of Dirt as Life 2017 Natural pigment and graphite on paper (sketchbook)

James Jack exhibition reviews summer 2018

Reviews of the solo exhibition by James Jack have recently been published in Canada and the show has been extended to September 30th.



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