“In Praise of Shadows” exhibit in Singapore closing

In Praise of Shadows

NTU Art Gallery in Singapore
27 October – January 2018

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A newly commissioned work by James Jack with over twenty local dirt samples from Singapore.

James Jack

Natura Naturata: Light of Singapore


Natural pigments and gum arabic on window

Variable dimensions

Exhibition webpage here


Exhibition de(Tour) at CCA Singapore 9 Feb. 2018

Exhibition de(Tour) by artist James Jack

CCA Singapore

9 February 2018
07:30 PM – 09:00 PM

James Jack. Sea Birth: part two 2017 Installation view Ichihanari Art Project, Okinawa


Exploring the ways in which artistic practices reflect on social and ecological phenomena, James Jack will reference one of his curatorial projects, Play with Nature, Played by Nature (2013), an exhibition and series of conversations that looked at creative practices as a way to reinvigorate our consciousness of cycles occurring in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami off the Pacific coast of Tohoku, Japan. Jack will also share his artistic research process of Sea Birth (2017), a project that takes as a starting point the spirits in the sea off the Okinawa coast for a re-imagination of the links between fragments from a turbulent past.


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Block 43 Malan Road, Singapore 109443

“Molokai Window” at Honolulu Museum of Art April 26- Sept. 16, 2018


Exhibition by James Jack

Honolulu Museum of Art

April 26-September 16

James Jack Molokai Window: Mokio Point 2017 Natural pigments on paper 76 x 56 cm


James Jack Mauka to Makai & Makai to Mauka 2017 Handmade walnut ink on paper (sketchbooks)

James Jack Opening Molokai Window… 2017 Natural pigment and graphite on paper (sketchbook)

James Jack Cycles of Dirt as Life 2017 Natural pigment and graphite on paper (sketchbook)