“Transpacific Crossing” solo exhibit TMT ART PROJECTS, May 3 – June 3

Transpacific Crossing

James Jack

May 3 -June 3, 2017


[Above] James Jack “Transpacific Crossing: Aomi-Tacoma” 2016. Handmade walnut ink on paper, 28 x 76 cm (detail)


3 chome gallery [Map]


Fukuoka, Japan


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“WDA: Dirt Restaurant” exhibit Ichihara Art x Mix, April 8 – May 14

Dirt Restaurant 


James Jack
Shotaro Yoshino
Yoshitaka Nanjo

World Dirt Association collected dirt samples along with stories from ten sites. For Ichihara, a “tasting room” as well as a “kitchen” provides two unique experiences. The shape, color, fragrance and taste (based on smell) is linked with stories in the kitchen to create fresh experiences of the land we live on. Why don’t you try a new experience of dirt here in this restaurant?


Ichihara Art x Mix 2017

April 8- May 14, 2017

Chiba, Japan

Article by James Jack about Ichihara Art x Mix 2014
Exhibition information: ichihara-artmix.jp [Japanese]


Dirt Restaurant -土のレストラン-

世界土協会:南条 嘉毅、ジェームズ・ジャック、吉野 祥太郎

2017年4月8日(土)— 5月14日(日)

世界土協会の3名アーティストは、それぞれの拠点から土のサンプルとそこに関わる人のストーリーを集めます。市原で「テースティングルーム」と「キッチン」の2つの空間で体験できます。土にまつわるストーリーを色、かたち、匂いをとおしてテイスティング(匂いを嗅ぐこと)し、 キッチンでは様々な素材を利用して新鮮な感覚で自分と地球を入り交じることもできます。ここで新たな土を体験してみませんか?





“The Making of an Institution” exhibit CCA Singapore 11 February – 7 May 2017

James Jack. Khayalan Island from Pulau Balakan Mati (As seen by a seven-year old island resident). Digital Inkjet print, 2015

Khayalan Island is rumored to have disappeared from the Singapore harbor in the beginning of the nineteenth century when the British were establishing a post in Southeast Asia. This work has been made while searching for the island in the complex realities surrounding Singapore today. Links between islands are discovered with archipelagic thinking that led to an investigation of the islands in Seribu, Setouchi, Ryukyu and Riau. The search resulted in a collection of poems, titled Stories of Khayalan, shaped by the voices of former island residents, maritime diaries and the actual experience of searching for Khayalan. Inspired by this exploration, the poem Reparative Islands is read aloud by two participants on a boat trip in the South Harbor. The night before the search trip, the seven-year old participant, an islander himself, made an image of the island. Presented in an intimate installation that merges memory and imagination, the poem — read aloud by the artist, Veryan and Jasper Stephens — and the image serve as mnemonics for reimagining the rich stories of the island we live on today.


James Jack. Reparative Islands. 2016, Sound installation view at Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore. 2017

The Making of an Institution is divided into four sections borrowed from the structure of a public report: Reason to Exist: The Director’s ReviewOwnership, Development, and AspirationsArtistic Research; and Communication and Mediation. The section dedicated to Artistic Research frames the material and immaterial aspects that constitute contemporary art practices. It takes over the Centre’s physical Spaces of the Curatorial—The Exhibition Hall, The Single Screen, The Lab, and The Vitrine—juxtaposing artworks and research projects by NTU CCA Singapore’s Artists-, Curators-in- Residence, and Research Fellows alongside various formats of public programming.

The public report will culminate into a book planned for publication in mid-2017, gathering the voices of all the artists, curators, researchers, and academics who have contributed to this first phase of the Centre.

The Making of an Institution is curated by Ute Meta BauerAnna Lovecchio, Curator, Residencies, and Anca Rujoiu, Manager, Publications.

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