Iwaki Window (preparatory drawings)

This work is composed of dirt traces from eighty-eight sites. The artist stood at each of these places during the past year—touching one granule at a time, noticing the texture on one’s fingertip. Gradually the spirit of each place comes into view. Look into the windows drawn here, what do you see?

Stories of Khayalan Island

This project begins from the rumor of an island that disappeared in the 19th century in Singapore harbor. Through a collective search, the island is re-imagined in the complexities of the present.

Migration of a Cycad

A Cycad tree is fabled to have been carried by boat from the Ryukyu Archipelago to Takamatsu circa the 18th century. In exchange, a pine tree sapling was carried by boat on a five-day trip from Takamatsu to the island of Tokunoshima by the artist.

Sunset House: The House as Language of Being

This artwork is built together with the community from a former community center on the island of Shodo. During artistic production, words have been integrated into the structure of the walls and stone garden.

Philosophies of Dirt

“Dirt has a mind. In reading James Jack’s Philosophies of Dirt, here is one idea to which I propose we commit—that not only does dirt have a mind, it uses it.”

Natura Naturata

Earth pigments painted directly on the wall in a contemplative process, including three samples gathered in the vicinity of the gallery.

Ink & Essence