Khayalan Island

James Jack
Khayalan Island is rumoured to have disappeared in the early 19th century just as Sir Stamford Raffles was establishing a post in Singapura. This project consists of gathering stories, collecting artifacts and conducting a journey to rediscover this island…

Play with Nature
Played by Nature

James Jack
Each of the artists in this project offers a creative approach to trauma in social and ecological environments. A fluid definition of “environment” allows us to see it as all that we are connected to, both directly and indirectly…

Notes on Reading the Philosophies of Dirt: On the Art of James Jack

Brandon Shimoda
Dirt has a mind. In reading James Jack’s The Philosophies of Dirt, here is one idea to which I propose we commit—that not only does dirt have a mind, it uses it. Dirt thinks.

Each Moment, Only Once

Jeff Baysa
There’s a long history of painters integrating Asian sensibility into contemporary Western-based art practice and challenging issues of tradition and modernity, content and form. James Jack is such an artist…