Wakage no Itari Village

“Wakagenoitari isn’t an excuse which derives from a result. It is both a creature and a live word which isn’t afraid to transform to deeply seek answers. Only in the process of facing success and failure, there will be “discoveries” only you can know. The word “vain (muda)” is created before and after an action and it invalidates the process. You cannot narrow down your possibility by just settling it with the word “vain”. You need more adventures. There will be no discoveries if you pretend like you know everything. Without adventures, you will never discover the value of life, the value of society, value of humanity… and the essential answer to those values. “Wakagenoitari”, dwells in this adventurous spirit was created on the extension of curiosity and unexpected language and behavior. It should not be forgotten that it’s essential to derive an answer from something.”

—Hideaki Gushiken 

Contact Link: https://ja-jp.facebook.com/wakagenoitarimura/

Video by: Monica Kim