The Sea We See

James Jack
If each one of us is an island, what would our view of the sea look like? This 112 page publication by artistic director James Jack, editor poet Sho Sugita and curator Riko Okuyama consists of poems, drawings, photographs and artist memos in a bilingual Japanese-English format.

Sunset House: The House as Language of Being

James Jack
Introductory essay by James Jack along with roundtable discussion including Shiniichi Anzai, Ryosuke Kondo, Yoichi Kawata and James Jack held at Sunset House during Setouchi International Art Festival.

Migration of a Cycad

James Jack
A cycad palm tree is fabled to have been carried by boat from the Ryūkyū Kingdom to Takamatsu by members of the Satsuma Domain as a gift in the 18th century which have now grown into an established grove of trees. A pine tree sapling gifted from a local auntie was carried in reverse from Takamatsu to the island of Tokunoshima by the artist on a container ship, then presented as a gift to a relative subsequently added to his domestic garden of potted cycad palm trees.

Khayalan Island

James Jack
Khayalan Island is rumored to have disappeared in the early 19th century. For this publication, a selection of poems were selected as part of the artist’s process of gathering stories, collecting artifacts and conducting a search to rediscover this island in the complicated realities of the harbor today.

Play with Nature
Played by Nature

James Jack
This exhibition catalog by artist and curator James Jack provides a creative approach to trauma in social and ecological environments inspired by artist Takayama Noboru’s reflection on the complicated relationship between society and nature viewed through the metaphor of playing with, and being played by nature.

Notes on Reading the Philosophies of Dirt: On the Art of James Jack

Brandon Shimoda
“Dirt has a mind. In reading James Jack’s The Philosophies of Dirt, here is one idea to which I propose we commit—that not only does dirt have a mind, it uses it. Dirt thinks.”

Natura Naturans

Rhoda London
“For Natura Naturans, James Jack has created a work of profound beauty with a luminescence and quiet hue that evokes a sense of harmony with the nature of the Northwest.”

Each Moment, Only Once

Kóan-Jeff Baysa
“There’s a long history of painters integrating Asian sensibility into contemporary Western-based art practice and challenging issues of tradition and modernity, content and form. James Jack is such an artist…”