Mikan Story

While writing on the sand with a stick, I noticed a mikan lying on the line between the ocean and the land. It was being pushed back and forth by the rough waves, resting on high ground only for a moment, before the next wave pulled it back into the ocean. As I observed the mikan move across the beach I saw a story develop. This scene inspired a new video work titled “Mikan Story” that I have worked on over the past year and a half. It includes narration by Mihoko Furuya and myself as well as new footage shot on Shodo Island. This story will soon to be told in Tokyo as part of the GTS exhibition “Espirit” opening on October 23rd, 2011 from 5-8 pm. Please see the following website for more information.


One response to “Mikan Story”

  1. Elaine Jack Avatar
    Elaine Jack

    You are doing a wonderfully creative work. Congratulations on the opening on the 23ed.
    I’ll need explanations when you come.
    XO to you both