Tale of Seven Herbs

My works are on display as part of the 15th Annual Kiryu Saien exhibit in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. The project is quite unique as it serves as a catalyst for reinvigorating historic sites with contemporary art. For example the building where my work is on display was used as a silk factory for making kimonos and remains in the possession of the owner of the local shinto shrine. The space is very raw and open and feels very open to the elements outdoors.
I have been going to the area regularly over the past four months and on my first trip to the area I sat by the Kiryu riverside just observing the landscape. I started photographing single blades of grass and as I was doing so an old man asked me what I was doing. When I told him that the grass and landscape in his town are really amazing his eyes lit up and he invited me to his house for tea. We proceeded to talk about his garden, his family and the land. Thus the stories of the area and its people became woven with my personal experience and I went back to Tokyo with a fragrant mint plant to grow on my rooftop.