Musical Gathering at Sunset House

Design: Kenta Kawagoe

A special musical event held during the last weekend of the Setouchi Triennial exhibition at Sunset House: Language as the house of Being featuring Ryu Furusawa, Akira Tanabe, Makoto Noumi and Bruce Huebner. This event was a celebration of all those who have supported the exhibition over the past six months as well as signal of what is to come in the future for this art project.

Photo: Goun Video Graphic

Sound artist Ryu Furusawa recording the sound of two basalt stones clicking against each other in preparation for his live performance “silent scene” at Sunset House. His sound piece included sounds of the Setouchi ocean as well as other local recordings made on Shodoshima specially for this event.

Photo: Goun Video Graphic

(From left) Akira Tanabe, Makoto Noumi and Bruce Huebner perform the song “Haru no umi” at the conclusion of the musical gathering to an audience that overflowed into the entrance, garden and surrounding environment of Sunset House.

An article on the background context for this art project by Darryl Jingwen Wee was published on artinfo (link HERE) as well as a slideshow posted (link HERE) today. The existence of this house of being has blossomed into a wider community than ever with the unique energy of this musical event generously sponsored by the American Embassy in Tokyo.