“Emerging Encounters” exhibit 16 August – 30 September 2021 Tokyo & online

Emerging Encounters 
TURN 2021

James Jack with Harmony

Documentary film 2016-2021
Directed by Dai Tamura

*Video available online through 30 September 2021

Our lives nowadays demand considerable change. We each respond to this change in a variety of ways. Even those who are confused by change may find pointers towards new promise and possibilities by adopting a TURN-like perspective.


Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art

Akashi Ikawa

“The Sea We Sea”
by James Jack and Harmony

Assembled into a newly imagined chorus of voices.


“Soilstory” at Suzu 2020+ Oku-Noto Triennale 4 Sept – 24 Oct 2021

Soilstory  土がたり


A New Installation and Performance Artwork by:

World Dirt Association
(James Jack, Shotaro Yoshino & Yoshitaka Nanjo)

WDA: James Jack “Soilstory” 2021, Reference image for work in progress


Yoshitaka Nanjo “Suzu Theater Museum” 2020, Reference image for work in progress



Oku-Noto Triennale 2020+

A foremost art festival at the furthest edge of the world.

Artist No. 44

4 September – 24 October 2021

Ishikawa, Japan