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James JACK

Messages from the Virus



14 April 

“Slow down or perish” the virus seems to be saying to us. It has messages for us. Each day from now on during the “circuit breaker” in Singapore (or “lockdown” in other places) I will find one message the virus is sending us and attempt to translate it into words.

First message:
Love each other, especially from a distance.

Tomorrow I will do the same. Listen to the virus and its carriers to see what they want to say to us. If people listen, perhaps we can improve from this situation from calamity towards one that is more in tune to our environment, each other and the society that we want to become in the future.





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Art is a Priority! 13-27 Feb 2021 DMAC Island of Hawai‘i


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Featured Artists:
Clayton Amemiya, Margaret Barnaby, Jake Boggs, Melissa Chimera, Alex Couwenberg, Jesse Kahoonei, John Koga, Wayne Levin, Gerald Lucena and Kristin Mitsu Shiga, Hiroki Morinoue, Setsuko Morinoue, Anthony Watson, Makiko Yamaguchi, Lee Ballard, Nanette Bell, Henry Bianchini, Jisoo Boggs, Hunter Buck, Lynn Capell, Kaili Chun, Robert Corsair, Micha Croft, Tara Cronin, Heide Cumes, Angaea Cuna, Akiko Cutlip, Michael Cutlip, Andrea Dezso, Kevin Diminyatz, Kathleen Dunphy, Peter Durst, Eric Edwards, Brady Evans, Carl F.K. Pao, Ronit Fahl, Bailey Ferguson, Renee Fukumoto-Ben, Judith Gaulke, Adam Gurvitch, Daven Hee, Roxanne Hironaka, Bobby Howard, James Jack, James Kaulukukui Jr., Melany Kerver, Caroline Killhour, John Kjargaard, John Koga, Noa Lake, Jaxson Lambert, Lindsay Lander, Cris Lindborg, Kasey Lindley, Michael Marshall, John McCaskill (Studio Jomac), Linda Meyer, Jane Chang Mi, Mary Mitsuda, Miho Morinoue, Richard Notkin, Harinani Orme, Laraine Oura, Avalon Paradea, Marcia Pasqua, Barbara Pfaffenberger, Joy Ray, Margo Ray, Dorothy Remington, Rich Richardson, Sam Rosen, John Roth, Kamran Samimi, Laurel Schultz, Claire Seastone, Daniel Sheinfeld Rodriguez, Esther Shimazu, Shelby Smith, Leslie Steinwachs, Ira Stivers, Laurie Sumiye, Phoebe Toland, Lonny Tomono, Gerald T. Walsh III, Judith Williams, Kate Williams, Nora Yamanoha, Maile Yawata, Scott Yoell, Hana Yoshihata, Debbie Young
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Silent Auction: Opens on February 13 at 9:00am HST – Closes on February 27th at 5:30pm HST
Live Auction: Begins at February 27 at 5:00pm HST

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