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“a guide to loving water” exhibit on Hawai‘i Island

a guide to loving water   he mana ke wai, he wai ke mana What does water say and what will it teach us? Join Donkey Mill Art Center along with Artist-in-Residence James Jack, as we invite the community to engage with water in the land and listen to the stories and wisdom which water […]

“Iwaki Windows” on display 4 May – 29 August 2021 at Appetite Lab

What Happened Here? 4 May – 26 July 2021 Curated by Kathryn Miyawaki and Kaushik Swaminathan   Appetite is proud to present What Happened Here?, a meditation on memory and land. The show brings together five artists—Ricardo Mazal, Lindy Lee, James Jack, Sim Chi Yin, and Yang Yongliang—who strive to uncover layers of memory, truth […]

“Emerging Encounters” exhibit 16 August – 30 September 2021 Tokyo & online

Emerging Encounters  TURN 2021 James Jack with Harmony Documentary film 2016-2021 Directed by Dai Tamura https://fes2021.turn-project.com/online/turns/ *Video available online through 30 September 2021 Our lives nowadays demand considerable change. We each respond to this change in a variety of ways. Even those who are confused by change may find pointers towards new promise and possibilities […]

Nets of Connectivity: Contemporary Maritime Voyages

Nets of Connectivity: Contemporary Maritime Voyages Jaringan Penyambungan: Pelayaran Maritim Masa Kini Serina Rahman & James Jack  This project weaves upon intimate maritime links in the Malayo-Polynesian world through a synergy of artistic and scientific methods reconnecting communities in Kona (Hawai‘i), Pandan (Singapore) and Tanjung Kupang (Malaysia), working with our shared passion for stories. Voyaging […]

“Artists’ Breath” exhibit 3 April – 27 June, Ichihara Art Museum, Japan

World Dirt Association James Jack, Yoshitaka Nanjo & Shotaro Yoshino Curated by Fram Kitagawa Ichihara Lakeside Art Museum Video   開催中 Artists’ Breath―コロナ禍の中、アーティストはいま 2021.04.03.Sat. – 2021.06.27.Sun. 新型コロナウイルスのパンデミックは、地球に生きる 77 億人が、同じ“今 ”を生き、共通の体験をするという稀有な実感をもたらしました。2020 年 6 月15 日にスタートしたインスタグラム・プロジェクト「Artistsʼ Breath」( ディレクター:北川フラム)は、多くの芸術祭、展覧会、イベントが延期または中止となる中、アーティストはどう生活し、何を考えているのか、その生の息吹を伝えようと毎日更新されました。 インスタグラム・プロジェクトに参加したのは、北川フラムが総合ディレクターをつとめる5つの地域芸術祭の参加アーティストたち。コロナ禍で昨年から今年に延期された「房総里山芸術祭 いちはらアート×ミックス」「北アルプス国際芸術祭」「奥能登国際芸術祭」、そして今年第 8 回目を迎える「大地の芸術祭 越後妻有アートトリエンナーレ」、来年開催に向けて準備が進む「瀬戸内国際芸術祭」です。 市原湖畔美術館では、 世界 194 組のアーティストたちがそれぞれ投稿した約 2 分間の動画を一堂に展観。命の海でつながるアーティストたちが、異なる考えをもち、今を同時に生きていることを体感する場を創出します。 Website

“Messages from the Virus” in online exhibit @Arts Tropical Okinawa

Artists online exhibit AT HOME/ FROM YOUR SPACE Art Tropical Okinawa   James JACK Messages from the Virus ウィルスからのメッセージ   14 April  “Slow down or perish” the virus seems to be saying to us. It has messages for us. Each day from now on during the “circuit breaker” in Singapore (or “lockdown” in other places) […]

Art is a Priority! 13-27 Feb 2021 DMAC Island of Hawai‘i

  New work by James Jack featured in the 14th annual Art is a Priority Online Art Auction to benefit the Donkey Mill Art Center happening February 13-27, 2021. All proceeds will go towards providing outstanding arts education and experiences to the community by an established arts organization. Visit https://bit.ly/annualartauction to register! Featured Artists: Clayton […]