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Dirt DJ @ lumbung radio Helsinki September 2023

bacilli x Jevon Chandra Dirt DJ: version two 11’01” bacilli. Dirt currents (work in progress) 2023. PACT Zollverein Tap into the energy of microorganisms inside the earth’s soil. What do these bacteria inside of land say to us? Dirt Radio shares artistic methods for harvesting alternative energy that heightens human awareness of other species. Layering […]

“Soilstory” @ Oku-Noto Triennale 9/23-11/12 2023

Soilstory – つちがたり – Tools, images, relics, video and dirt Variable dimensions “We created this work focusing on the voices of historic objects. Research conducted on the local farming ritual “Ae no Koto” along with memories, dialogue and exchanges with local residents and relics obtained from diverse collections are integral parts of this “Soilstory” installation. […]

“In the Elements” @ Kentler International Drawing Space

VIEW FILES: In the Elements Curated by Sallie Mize in conjunction with In the Elements: Selections from the Kentler FlatfilesNovember 11 – December 18, 2022ARTISTS: Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez, Chris Gonyea, James Jack, Ellen Kahn, Hilary Lorenz, LUCE, Kate McGloughlin, Margaret Neill, Jaanika Peerna, Josette Urso The VIEW FILES are a publicly accessible, interactive flat file unit located […]

“Fragrances of Soil” @ Art Week Kinan, October 2022

bacilli Artists James Jack, Yoshitaka Nanjo, Shotaro Yoshino form bacilli as caretakers who nurture active spaces for living with dirt, people, food, microbes and spirits. Commencing in 2014 as “World Dirt Association,” the artist collective has evolved into the form of “bacilli” (Bacillus genus of bacteria)growing exponentially from 2022. Their dedication to artistic infusions of […]

“Composting Knowledge” @ lumbung: documenta fifteen

Its participants are active in the creation of such actions through their own unique perspectives that embrace cooperative, non-hierarchical, neighborhood centered principles. Composting Knowledge aims to build a supporting system for these initiatives to cooperate in engaging and critical ways. Currently the composting network reunites over twenty participants from Kassel, Tokyo, Sofia, Holualoa, Singapore, Beirut, […]

“Remaining Nearby While Faraway” Essay for LASALLE MA Show

  (Excerpt) “In the opening lines of Faisal Tehrani’s novel 1515, Nyemah Mulya comes back from five centuries ago to ask a history professor today, “How would it be if we work together to change history?” Layers of the past opened respectfully with protocols sensitive to the place(s) we are in carry the ability to […]

“Dirt Restaurant” @ Setouchi Triennale 2022

Setouchi Dirt Restaurant bacilli (James Jack, Shotaro Yoshino & Yoshitaka Nanjo) Fall 2022 A new artwork based on storied flavors of dirt on Takamijima with research on Megijima, Shodoshima and other islands in Setouchi. Video released during summer triennial season in Takamatsu and Tadotsu along with event held in fall season 9 October on Takamijima. […]

Composting Knowledge: The Open Bin 11 March – 16 June 2022 Zürich

COMPOST – The Open Bin (Composting Knowledge) Collective-driven, process-based performative exhibitionary project This communal exhibitionary project – a sequential and choreographed series of interlocking events on the topic of “Composting Knowledge” – offers an evolving programming at the OnCurating Project Space (Ausstellungsstrasse 16, Zurich) both on-site and online from 10 March to 17 June 2022 […]