The Sea We See 

Book Release

Artistic Director: James Jack
Artwork: James Jack, Harmony
Editor: Sho Sugita
Design: Kenta Kawagoe

Artist James Jack envisioned a book based on the question: If each one of us is an island, what would our view of the sea look like? Selecting from his own artworks together with Harmony poems, drawings, photographs and diaries were assembled for this publication. All materials are previously unpublished and most of the contents were made specially for this bilingual art folio. The book will be launched at the TURN exhibition held at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum in March 2017. A reading from the folio with curator Riko Okuyama poet Sho Sugita will also be held shortly.

Pages: 112
Language: Bilingual Japanese-English
Size: 200 x 128 mm
Cover: 300 kg 4C fold out

The process of making this Folio and beautiful selections of the poets reading from the publication has been documented by Hitoshi Tamura and can be seen here:

「The Sea We See」フォリオー


アーティストJames Jackは「海」をテーマにした作品をメンバーと共に制作し、昨年のTURNフェスにて、展示と詩の朗読を行いました。 「Folio(フォリオー)」を発行します。ハーモニーに通うメンバーがこれまで創作してきた詩や新作の詩に加え、ハーモニーのスタッフによる日記、James Jackによるエッセイなどを集めたFolio。 昨年度TURNフェスでのエキシビションテーマである”The Sea in Between Us”を根底に置きながら、集められた詩から共通するテーマを見出し、フォリオーのタイトルとする予定です。

判型:200×128 mm変形