“Dirt x (irl+url) = ?” WDA collective exhibit

World Dirt Association

Dirt x (irl+url)= ?

31 October – 11 November 2020


Ginza, Tokyo

World Dirt Association deconstructs images of things by transforming dirt into material. In this work dirt from the exhibition site in Ginza will be central along with other places where the scent, color, shape of dirt experienced vicariously through the memories of place experienced by the collector. In these experiences, what story will be woven together by the audience and the artwork together?

Daily updates via live stream
URL: www.facebook.com/collectdirt

IRL live Dirt Cam Schedule:
Hours: 11:00-19:00 (JST)
10/31 Singapore
11/1 Dirt rest
11/2 Tokyo
11/3 Singapore
11/4 Tokyo
11/5 Wakayama
11/6 Singapore
11/7 Tokyo
11/8 Dirt rest
11/9 Wakayama
11/10 Singapore
11/11 Singapore

Closing event: 
Izakaya Style Dirt Aromas Happy Hour
11/11 18:00-19:00 JST

fb live

For this closing event dirt samples shared with WDA members and participants throughout the exhibit will be enjoyed alongside stories of their origins, relationships to human and more than human life both in person and online. In the style of an Izakaya, all samples are part of this “happy hour” event including a sample you would like to contribute. All are welcome to share. Please message for the zoom link if you would like to join online.

Ginza, Tokyo

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