Sea Birth three featured in Tropical Lab online



Tropical Lab Alumni online showcase:

James Jack

Sea Birth three


‘Through the Sea Birth trilogy, Jack draws upon the maritime history of Okinawa, where the islands’ folklore adds crucial perspectives often missing in current reporting of issues. In Sea Birth three, the final part of the trilogy, the painting sets the scene in Henoko-Ōura Bay with signs of resistance arising from the forest, the video provides context to the political contestations in the bay and the driftwood becomes a home for the fire spirits to return to their rightful habitat.’

– Jaimey Hamilton Faris & Azusa Takahashi

Masayuki Tamae, Leona Nishinaga, Hideaki Gushiken, Takeshi Ishihara, Osamu Makishi, Yukino Inamine, Soma Takahashi, Piko Ishihara, Monica Kim, Keith Teo, Nathasha Lee, Yuto Mori, Noa Jack, Kristen Ho Hui Yan, the Georgette Chen Foundation, and Wakagenoitari Village