“From Stone to Sand” exhibit in Fukuoka

From Stone to Sand


Artistic Director: James Jack

Special Cooperation: Kozo Ota (Love FM)


February 4-12th, 2017

Enjoy Art Space Daimyo

This participatory exhibit fills the gallery with stones that change each day of the exhibit according to different patterns of “flow”. These patterns are derived from two different places: Yame and Fukuoka. The unique time and space of each place determined the pathways in this historical art space which has seen diverse utility over the past century. The metaphor of “from stone to sand” opens a new perspective on time that is informed by the layers which support our everyday life in between one place and another.


Saturday, February 4th
Talk Event and Opening Reception

“The Life of Dirt” Talk Event
James Jack (Artist)
Kozo Ota (Love FM)
Tetsuo Ohashi (Yame Organic Tea Farmer)

Sound Mix
MASUO (CAS Fukuoka)

Opening Reception 

Enjoy Art Space Daimyo Map

Saturday/Sunday 12:00-18:30
Weekdays 14:00-19:30
Closed on Mondays
(Exhibit closes early on the last day at 16:00)

**Admission to the art space and all special events are free to all.

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From Stone to Sand: 縁側のながれ


特別協力:大田こぞう(LOVE FM「月下虫音」)


エンジョイスペース大名  →地図


「石から砂へ」というメタファーを用いながら、二つの場所の間にある時間と空間を想起し、「ながれ」 について思いを巡らす参加型展示です。福岡と八女という一見異なる二つの場所について、日常を織りなすさまざまなレイヤー (層)に目を向け、両者のつながりを浮かびあがらせます。


2月 4日(土)トーク+レセプション

17:00 生きる土(The Life of Dirt)  大橋鉄雄(お茶の大幸園|八女・笠原)、James Jack(アーティスト) ほか
18:30 糅て音〈かておと〉(Sound Mix)   MASUO(CAS Fukuoka)
19:00 オープニングレセプション *ドリンク代は実費となります。

2月 5日(日)汽水域の渦(Brackish Water Swirl) 制作:「地域づくりとアート」実践プログラム受講生

14:00    映画「まちや紳士録」上映会
15:30    トークイベント    伊藤有紀(映画監督)、渡邊瑠璃(ART HUB 三樹荘)

土・日 |12:00~18:30
平日     |14:00~19:30
月         |休み


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Photos by Akiko Tominaga